Getting Help from Amazon by Phone

I've had quite a few friends and family wonder how to get an Amazon customer service rep on the phone, so instead of going through the instructions one-by-one, I thought I would publish them here and link people as needed. If this helps you as well, all the better! Cheers! STEP 1: Navigate to "Help" … Continue reading Getting Help from Amazon by Phone


I came across this post recently titled simply Care and thought I would pass it along. It reads almost like a personal mission statement on caring about your customers and caring about what you do. It’s a quick but inspiring read. This is one of my favorite lines in the piece: The people that care about what they … Continue reading Care Customer Support Done Right

Today, I was the grateful recipient of truly outstanding customer service, courtesy of Fitbit, and want to give a special shout-out to Carly there. So, what made this experience so great? For starters, the response time on my help requests was phenomenal. I had purchased an Aria wifi scale and couldn't get it to connect … Continue reading Customer Support Done Right