Renaissance Soul Randomness Posts

Like any true Renaissance Soul, I’m fascinated by a seemingly endless variety of topics. I love learning new things and squirreling away new tidbits of information like treasure. Here, I’ll share some of the interesting things I come across in the off chance that they might just interest you too. Serendipity, baby!

Renaissance Soul Randomness:

An eclectic mix off things that demanded my attention. Pushy little things, aren’t they?

Photo Friday:

A random selection of pictures I’ve taken of things I like, views that interest me, or scenes that inspire me.

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Love is a verb (8/25/2020) - As I mentioned in my last post, we recently moved our kids back to college. For my husband and I, this was a given. We have helped move both of our kids in and out of dorm rooms and apartments since their freshmen years. It’s not that we enjoy carrying stuff up and down stairs, … Continue reading Love is a verb
Rust Life (3/20/2020) - I saw this in the parking lot at the grocery store recently and I confess I fully appreciated the owner’s sense of humor  –  the play on the ubiquitous #saltlife prominently featured on cars and trucks here, the “Rat-rod” and “Rust Bucket” emblazoned on the tailgate, and the “Yes it’s real rust and I’m not … Continue reading Rust Life
i ain't doin it shirt I ain’t doin it (3/1/2018) - So a friend of mine shared a video over the holidays last year from a lady who posts short videos, mostly about things that bother her, always ending with her tag line, “I ain’t doin’ it!” For some reason, these videos crack me up and I have become a fan. Here’s the Elf on the … Continue reading I ain’t doin it
Cafe Dog in Bayeux (6/16/2017) - After so many D-Day posts, I thought I would lighten up the mood a bit by sharing this. I took this photo a few days ago, impressed by this shaggy little dog’s patience and discipline while waiting for his or her owner who was in the cafe. I think this pup earned a pain au … Continue reading Cafe Dog in Bayeux
Goodreads Shelves (5/1/2017) - I track my books on Goodreads and often read other people’s reviews after finishing a book to see how my opinions compare to others, particularly when I diverge from the majority. I came across this Goodreads user’s shelves on such an occasion and they made me laugh out loud. My shelf labels are pretty boring … Continue reading Goodreads Shelves
Busy Body (4/14/2017) - The human body is a miracle of form and function. I'm always amazed at how intricate we are.
Dialogue without quotation marks. Why? (4/10/2017) - I recently read 1 yet another book in which the author decided not to use quotation marks to indicate dialogue. This is normally a signal to me that I am not going to like the book. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s because it indicates to me that the author is more interested in … Continue reading Dialogue without quotation marks. Why?
Nyhavn, Copenhagen (3/31/2017) - Historic and picturesque Nyhavn
All in one glass (3/23/2017) - I enjoy a good glass of wine every now and again but I’m pretty uninformed about the whole thing, so I’ve been doing some reading and came across this lovely quote. Cheers! Sure we all swig sometimes, but what separates wine from apple juice and root beer is the possibility of going so much deeper. … Continue reading All in one glass
Bella Sky Breakfast voucher Breakfast Voucher (3/18/2017) - I found this breakfast voucher from my hotel in Copenhagen this morning and gave it to my husband. He made me an omelette. #Winning. I have the best husband. I also have 4 more vouchers… 😀

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