I ain’t doin it

So a friend of mine shared a video over the holidays last year from a lady who posts short videos, mostly about things that bother her, always ending with her tag line, “I ain’t doin’ it!” For some reason, these videos crack me up and I have become a fan.

Here’s the Elf on the Shelf video that started me off:

She tackles all of the important issues in her videos: pumpkin spice everything, cross fit, dating, Black Friday, Walmart, driving slow in the fast lane, and the list goes on.

For some people (like my kids), the voice filter in these vids is really annoying and it should annoy me too but I just find these funny. I think I’ve watched them all.

It should come as no surprise that I have co-opted her “I ain’t doin it” tag line but what did come as a surprise is this shirt my husband ordered for me for my birthday. I love it!

i ain't doin it shirt

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