Rust Life

Screen Shot on 2020-02-17 at 15:29:45.png

I saw this in the parking lot at the grocery store recently and I confess I fully appreciated the owner’s sense of humor  –  the play on the ubiquitous #saltlife prominently featured on cars and trucks here, the “Rat-rod” and “Rust Bucket” emblazoned on the tailgate, and the “Yes it’s real rust and I’m not painting it” declaration on the rear window.

I think perhaps I most appreciated the way they embraced the condition of their “antique” vehicle and decided to be proud instead of embarrassed by it. It certainly has a lot more character this way.

Note: I wrote and scheduled this post over a month before COVID-19 made its presence known in the US and frankly forgot about it. When it published as scheduled, it caught me off guard since levity these days is in rather short supply. I hope it brings a smile to someone.

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