Customer Support Done Right

Happiness for all!

Today, I was the grateful recipient of truly outstanding customer service, courtesy of Fitbit, and want to give a special shout-out to Carly there.

So, what made this experience so great? For starters, the response time on my help requests was phenomenal. I had purchased an Aria wifi scale and couldn’t get it to connect to my wifi network. They determined that it was defective so I sent it back for a replacement.

The next one arrived and I couldn’t connect that one either. It made it almost all the way through the simple setup process but failed before completing it every time. After troubleshooting it myself using their support docs and failing to solve the problem, I created another help request, which was answered just as quickly as the first.

The second time, the response they sent was a request to allow one of their support staff to call me and see if they could resolve the issue. Wha-whaaat? I was impressed! I was also in San Francisco, so I wasn’t able to talk to them until today. Carly from Fitbit called and couldn’t have been any nicer. She guided me through an alternative setup process and I was able to get the silly thing connected in less than 15 minutes. Yay!

Some joker from MCO is walking around with my Zip.
Some joker from MCO is walking around with my Zip.

We happened to be chatting about my trip (they’re headquartered in San Fran also) when I mentioned that I lost my Zip when I went through airport security in Orlando (totally my fault). I told her I was going to buy another one and wanted to know how to replace the lost device on my account with the new one. That’s when she completely amazed me and said that she would be happy to send a new Zip to me at no charge. WHA-WHAAAT?

This was purely awesome service and the offer to send me a new Zip was so completely unexpected that it made it just that much awesomer (which is not a word, I know, but just roll with me here).

Carly and Fitbit definitely engineered happiness here. This has got to be one of the best customer support experiences I’ve ever had and I’m ready to tell everyone to GO BUY A FITBIT PRODUCT! Do it! This company knows how to take care of their customers.

Well played, Fitbit! Well played.

UPDATE: I tweeted about this and less than 10 minutes later, @fitbitsupport responded. I’m telling you, they have this whole customer service thing NAILED.


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