The Science of Great Ideas

I came across an interesting look at the science behind creative ideas and thought I would pass it along.

atechniqueforproducingideasThe article also references one of my favorite books on the topic, A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young.

Young was an ad man from the Mad Men era who fully believed that you can train your mind to produce ideas. He goes on to say that this is very simple in terms of concept and methods but challenging to actually do.

The formula is so simple to state that few really believe in it.

But it actually requires the hardest kind of intellectual work to follow so not all who accept it use it.

~James Webb Young

I like this book so much that I own it in hard copy and on my Kindle. I even did a flashtalk presentation on the book at a work function a few months ago.

It’s a slim volume that you can likely read in a couple of hours but it’s jam-packed full of goodies. Go ahead – pick up a copy. It might just be the best $5 you spend this year.

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