In Support of the Oxford Comma (aka the Serial Comma, aka the Harvard Comma )

Ahhh, the Oxford comma. To use it or not to use it has been so hotly contested that it’s divided people into two camps*. It’s the punctuation equivalent of the Hatfields and McCoys.

I’m firmly on Team Oxford as it adds clarity in most cases and at worst case, it’s neutral. Sadly (and I mean that – it makes me sad), much of what I write for clients uses AP Style, which is firmly not on Team Oxford (in addition to being a disorganized train wreck of a style guide, but I digress).

What team are you on? Comment and let me know!

*Of course, there’s a third team known as Team I Don’t Care, but that messed up my Hatfield and McCoys reference. Plus, if you really don’t care, then technically maybe you’re not on a team at all. So, now we’re back to two teams again. Yay.


The Oxford Comma
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