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Although I’ve been blessed to have been able to travel to many parts of the U.S., there are still so many states I haven’t been to. My goal is to eventually visit all 50 states as well as to see more of the world. I’m fortunate to work for a company that provides me with the opportunity to travel potentially around the world, which will be a new experience for me. I’d love to share my travel stories and any tips I come across with you here.


Places I’ve been and things I’ve learned in the process of getting there and back again.

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Berlin on New Year’s Eve (1/31/2023) - My daughter and I took a trip to Berlin at the very end of 2022 into the first week of the year and we had a great time! For once, I was the person tagging along and not working, which made for a nice change, since she was there to do research at a local … Continue reading Berlin on New Year’s Eve
Hotel TV remotes in the time of COVID (8/18/2020) - I'm not an all-out germaphobe, but I definitely have germaphobic tendencies so I'm all for improvements to hotel room cleanliness.
A man, a plan, a canal – Panama! (9/10/2018) - I drafted this post back in June when I was actually in Panama but I never finished it…until now. Better late then never? I’m in Panama for a conference and of course I had to escape from the conference venue to go see the Panama Canal while I was here. I had some unscheduled time … Continue reading A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!
Unglamorous Travel: Vancouver Edition (5/19/2018) - Seems I struck a chord with my recent post on the unglamorous side of travel, so I figured I would write one based on the trip I'm just got back from. My "unglamorous" experiences on this trip weren't traumatizing like my last trip, so I'm not complaining at all. Nonetheless, it still falls decidedly short of the sort of travel experiences that typically make it to social media. All the more reason to share, I guess. 🙂
The (Un) Glamorous Side of Travel (4/16/2018) - The Very Unglamorous Travel Adventures of Wendy. Aside from something truly catastrophic, everything that could have gone wrong on this trip did. Keep this in mind next time I post pics that show the more fun side of travel. 🙂
Dubrovnik: views from the old city walls and fortress (3/18/2018) - Today, I got a chance to explore the old city walls and St. Lawrence Fort (Lovrijenac) in Dubrovnik. Game of Thrones fans may spot some familiar features in a few pics.
Vegas…again (2/8/2018) - I’m sitting at the airport on a Sunday morning waiting for my flight to Las Vegas for the now-annual pilgrimage to the NamesCon conference. A few years ago, Vegas was one of my “bucket list” places – one of those iconic cities that one should visit at least once in their life. For me, once … Continue reading Vegas…again
Ernest Hemingway house and museum (7/13/2017) - Cats, history, literature, more cats, heat and humidity - all in a gorgeous tropical setting in Key West.
Parasailing in Key West (7/10/2017) - Had a fantastic time parasailing with my family in beautiful Key West. We started the day with snorkeling, moved on to parasailing, and then wrapped it up with jet skis. The weather was perfect and our Sebago crew was great!  
Sacré-Coeur Sacré-Coeur, Paris (6/26/2017) - I would highly recommend a visit here if you're in Paris and if you can handle the stairs. It's a good workout so in addition to seeing a magnificent place of worship and incredible views of Paris, you can also justify eating that extra croissant or pain au chocolat or having that extra glass of wine. Enjoy!

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