Art and the Art of Noise

I came across an article in the October issue of Mental Floss (one of my fave magazines) about the role that ambient noise plays in fostering creativity. The article says this: According to a University of Chicago study, moderate noise helps creativity by slowing down the speed at which we process information. The lag keeps … Continue reading Art and the Art of Noise

Lonely Negative Words

Have you ever wondered why we can be discombobulated but not combobulated? Or how about why we can be disgruntled, but not gruntled? If so, then we have something in common! We're both word nerds. Be proud! For an interesting look at lonely negative words (negative words with no positive or neutral counterpart), check out … Continue reading Lonely Negative Words

Ever Wonder Where “OK” Came From? Read On to Find Out


Ever wondered where OK came from? Or for that matter, is the correct spelling really "okay" and just "OK" for short? Or is it o.k. or O.K.? These are things that I've wondered about. I know, I know. But I can rationalize it since I write and edit for a living, so it's all good. … Continue reading Ever Wonder Where “OK” Came From? Read On to Find Out