Reset the Net

Here’s another reason why I’m glad to be a WordPress user as well as an Automattic employee.

While I personally feel that my internet activity is pretty boring, I also believe that the government shouldn’t have unfettered and illegal access to my information and activities – or yours either.

It’s a slippery slope, my friends, and we need to try to stop the slide now. News

A year ago today, we joined the world in shock on learning that governments were spying on internet users around the world. Tapping internet service providers’ undersea cables, intentionally and secretly weakening encryption products,  surreptitiously collecting everything from call metadata to photos sent over the internet by US citizens — nothing was off limits.

Just as troubling as the revelations themselves is the fact that since last summer, little if anything has changed. Despite a lot of rhetoric, our three branches of government in the United States have not made many concrete steps toward truly protecting citizens from unchecked government surveillance.

Automattic has been a strong supporter of efforts to reform government surveillance. We’ve supported reform legislation in Congress, and participated in the Day We Fight Back, earlier this year. More importantly, we aim to make our own legal processes for securing the information our users entrust to us…

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