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Bayeux, Normandy

Bayeux Normandy

I’ve written about our tours to various D-Day spots and Mont St. Michel, but here, I’ll write a bit about Bayeux, the charming city we stayed in while we were in Normandy.

Bayeux was the first city to be liberated during the Battle of Normandy (aka, Operation Overlord, which includes but is not limited to D-Day) and because it was used as a headquarters of sorts, it miraculously escaped destruction via the bombing raids that the Allies completed throughout the region.

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Magnets from Normandy, Paris, and Bruges

For several years, we’ve been collecting magnets during our travels. They make great souvenirs since they are inexpensive, small, and easy to bring back home even while traveling carry-on only. Plus, we can revisit our trips every time we look at them displayed on the sides of our fridge. However, several trips ago, we ran out of room on the fridge so we’re trying not to go overboard with adding […]

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Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France

Mont St Michel

The day after our D-Day tour in Normandy, we took a guided tour of Mont St. Michel. If you have a chance to visit Normandy, I would put this as a must-see on your travel itinerary. A Visit from St. Michel: If you build it, they will come Mont St. Michel is about a 1.5 hour drive from our base in Bayeux through the Norman countryside. Along the way, you […]

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Cafe Dog in Bayeux

dog outside a French cafe in Bayeux

After so many D-Day posts, I thought I would lighten up the mood a bit by sharing this. I took this photo a few days ago, impressed by this shaggy little dog’s patience and discipline while waiting for his or her owner who was in the cafe. I think this pup earned a pain au chocolat (my fave!). This must be a regular ritual for them because I spotted the […]

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Normandy D-Day Tour: German and American Cemeteries

American Cemetery Normandy France

This post is the fourth in a series on my D-Day tour of Normandy, France. See the rest of the posts here. German Cemetery We started our tour at the German cemetery. The French government has allotted about 17 acres for this space, which is mostly maintained by volunteers and German family members. There are still more than 20,000 German soldiers missing in action, presumably waiting to be found in […]

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Normandy D-Day Tour: Point du Hoc

Point du Hoc

This post is the third in a series on my D-Day tour of Normandy, France. See the rest of the posts here. Point du Hoc: A hard-won and costly battle Point du Hoc was a strategically important location for D-Day since it was the highest point between Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. The Germans recognized its importance too and heavily fortified it with concrete bunkers and heavy artillery capable of […]

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Normandy D-Day Tour: churches and monuments marking acts of heroism

Stained glass memorializing the US paratroopers in Angoville-au-Plain

This post is the second in a series on my D-Day tour of Normandy, France. See the rest of the posts here. Angoville-au-Plain We next headed to Angoville-au-Plain, a tiny Norman village home to a small and fairly nondescript church where 2 US Army Medics performed some serious acts of heroism that went unrecorded for decades. Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore of the 101st Airborne saved the lives of 80 […]

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Normandy D-Day Tour: Utah and Omaha Beaches

Le Roosevelt Cafe Utah Beach

A couple of days ago, we went on a tour of the Normandy countryside to see various sites related to the D-Day invasion. Norman weather is apparently fairly moody and can change quickly, so I’ve been told. Our tour day was a perfect example of this. The day quickly changed from the forecast of mostly sunny day in the 70s to a dismal overcast day with a high in the […]

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A room (in Bayeux, France) with a view

Bayeux Cathedral, Notre-Dame Cathedral

After pretty close to 24 hours of travel, we finally made it to our Airbnb in Bayeux in Normandy, France. We are pretty exhausted but not too tired to oooh and aahhh at the view from our front window. Allow me to present to you the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Bayeux, consecrated in 1077 with William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders in attendance. I do love me some old cathedrals […]

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