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The Stand on leaders

They are all the things the civics books tell us the good citizens should be: partisans but never zealots, respecters of the facts which attend each situation but never benders of those facts, uncomfortable in positions of leadership but rarely able to turn down a responsibility once it has been offered … or thrust upon them. They make the best leaders in a democracy because they are unlikely to fall in love with power. Quite the opposite.

~ from The Stand by Stephen King

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Strasbourg, France

he Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg (aka, the Strasbourg Cathedral). It was originally built in 1015 and later destroyed by fire. The present cathedral was completed in 1284. The spire was added in 1439 and was the tallest in Christendom for four centuries.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

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All in one glass

I enjoy a good glass of wine every now and again but I’m pretty uninformed about the whole thing, so I’ve been doing some reading and came across this lovely quote. Cheers! Sure we all swig sometimes, but what separates wine from apple juice and root beer is the possibility of going so much deeper. You can discover chemistry, agriculture, marketing, politics, history, psychology and geology, all in one glass. […]

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Hej from Copenhagen!

I’m in Copenhagen for a conference but managed to find a little free time this afternoon to see a bit of the city. Really lovely city – very clean, well-maintained, pedestrian-friendly, etc and yes, very cold (at least for this Floridian) with temperatures hovering between low 40s and near-freezing in mid-March. I have to say that the currency conversion between US dollars and Danish kroner is a little bit of […]

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