On Life Optimization

Life Optimization: the act, process, or methodology of making life as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.

A while back, I started really thinking about the course of my life and how to make the most of it. I became an informal student of happiness, observing others and reading research (yes, people really do formally study happiness) to understand what contributes to (or takes away from) feeling happy, fulfilled, and well.

In short, I wanted to find out how to life an optimized life, and for me, it came down to three factors: emotional, physical, and spiritual health. While each of those factors is not without challenge, the real challenge lies in balancing them. I think of things like a triangle: each side has to be roughly the same length to live a balanced and optimized life.

Take good care of your mind, body, and soul in equal measure and you’ll be able to engineer joy and meaningfulness for yourself and be a source of goodness, happiness, and inspiration for others.

Find out more about each side of the life optimization triangle and get a list of all Life Optimization posts.

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