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Redacted Effect for Page or Post Text

Today, a WordPress.com user contacted us with a question and I thought I would pass this along since the solution turned out to be pretty simple. How can I make it look like a few words in my post have been redacted*? Now, this isn’t a question that comes up often (i.e., never), but those are just the things that are sometimes hardest to answer. While there are ways to […]

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WordPress at NMX BlogWorld Conference

I just got back yesterday from the fabulous NMX/BlogWorld conference in Las Vegas. We had an awesome booth right at the front of the room, where I had the pleasure of talking with all kinds of folks: everyone from veteran WordPress users to brand new users to people who just wanted to know what WordPress is. While I enjoy talking to just about anyone in the WordPress community, I think […]

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Striking Back Against Censorship

Originally posted on The WordPress.com Blog:
The mission of WordPress.com is to democratize publishing. We’re inspired every day by the ways creators use our platform to bring their voices to the world. Unfortunately, we also see many cases of censorship aimed at WordPress.com authors and users. One area where we’ve seen a number of problems is the censoring of criticism through abuse of copyright law. Two recent cases of…

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The $64,000 Question: WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
If you’ve been using WordPress.com for very long, you’ve likely run into some variation of the grand “com v. org” debate. And it’s possible that any explanation you received raised more questions than it answered. So, what’s the deal with the two WordPresses? What are the advantages of one over the other? To explain this clearly, it helps if we go into a bit…

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