Visiting Vegas: Casinos, Casinos, and More Casinos

One of the most impressive things about my trip to Vegas to me was the sheer size and scale of the casinos and hotels that line the Strip. It was amazing to see what a little imagination, a lot of engineering, and a mountain of money could create. Then again, at times, it also seemed … Continue reading Visiting Vegas: Casinos, Casinos, and More Casinos

WordPress at NMX BlogWorld Conference

I just got back yesterday from the fabulous NMX/BlogWorld conference in Las Vegas. We had an awesome booth right at the front of the room, where I had the pleasure of talking with all kinds of folks: everyone from veteran WordPress users to brand new users to people who just wanted to know what WordPress … Continue reading WordPress at NMX BlogWorld Conference

Automattic Grand Meetup 2013

One of the perks of being an Automattician is the ability to travel all over the world. Fabulous, right? My maiden voyage as an Automattician was to our annual Grand Meetup in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California where I spent 8 crazy days with some of the nicest, most welcoming, and funniest people I've … Continue reading Automattic Grand Meetup 2013