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Posts on getting there, being there, and getting back home again. Oh, and also some tips on the logistics of travel as I discover new things that make travel more enjoyable.

Flight Crews Are People Too

So apparently when the entire British Airways flight crew cuts in front of you at security and you joke with them about it instead of getting mad, good things happen. I had my shoes off and my stuff in the bins at LCA for the first of my three flights home when the pilot and co-pilot came through and went immediately to the front of the line. They were followed […]

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Automattic’s Store Team Meetup: Cyprus Edition

I just returned last week from my first Automattic team meetup in Cyprus, where I spent an amazing week in a beautiful place surrounded by awesome people. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than that. My team is composed of developers and support staff who work together to design, develop, support, and improve the paid upgrades available through the WordPress.com store. Like the rest of Automattic, we’re spread across the […]

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Cyprus Photos: Resort Pics

I’m planning to do a quick series of themed picture posts from my Cyprus trip. Here’s the first one with pictures of the Columbia Beach Resort where I stayed. And then of course, there are the cats. Cypriots appear to have a special place in their hearts for cats. The resort serves as a cat sanctuary and rumor has it that you can adopt their cats if the mood strikes you. The cats […]

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Adventures in Cyprus: Getting There is Half the Fun?

I just got back from my first trans-Atlantic trip, destination Cyprus (well, OK, technically, I got back last week, but we’re going to consider that “just”). Where exactly is that, you ask? Why, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump across the Atlantic, over the UK and parts of western Europe, and a quick jaunt over the Mediterranean to its eastern end by Greece but closer to Turkey. Or, approximately […]

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10 Days of Travel with Just a Carry-on Bag? Done!

The Challenge of Packing Light Ever since my trip to San Francisco/Santa Cruz last September, I’ve become a bit obsessed with traveling light. The first to-do in traveling light according to the experts is to find a bag that works for you and still qualifies as carry-on. For most U.S. airlines (and don’t hold me to this), that generally means a bag that’s no bigger than 45 linear inches (22″ […]

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