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Posts on getting there, being there, and getting back home again. Oh, and also some tips on the logistics of travel as I discover new things that make travel more enjoyable.

Hej from Copenhagen!

I’m in Copenhagen for a conference but managed to find a little free time this afternoon to see a bit of the city. Really lovely city – very clean, well-maintained, pedestrian-friendly, etc and yes, very cold (at least for this Floridian) with temperatures hovering between low 40s and near-freezing in mid-March. I have to say that the currency conversion between US dollars and Danish kroner is a little bit of […]

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Dear American Airlines, what’s up giving people free Gold status?

My husband, who rarely flies, received this offer for free Gold status from the nice folks at American Airlines. And I have to say, it leaves me rather cold and  angry since I had to earn my status the hard way – by putting my butt in their uncomfortable chairs for at least 25,000 miles flown. In addition, my husband gets 10 500-mile upgrades. And how do I get those? […]

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Miami in January

Last weekend, we took a trip to Miami (with a brief side trip to Key Largo and Islamorada) to visit some of my family. It’s been years since I have been down to South Florida and I’m not sure why. It’s a pretty good drive for us, but nonetheless, we were way overdue for a visit. We had a nice time, but it would have been good to be able […]

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2016: the year of travel

As with just about every other year, 2016 had its share of ups and downs; however, many of mine this year were literal ups and downs in the form of takeoffs and landings. For me, 2016 was The Year of Travel. As I’ve mentioned before, I work for Automattic, a fully distributed company, which means my co-workers are scattered across the globe. So part of the job is to travel […]

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London (and other points of interest) Calling

Our first stop in our 4-county European tour was London. After an overnight flight in which only one of us slept (I am convinced my daughter can sleep anywhere under any conditions, and yes, I envy that), we arrived sleepy but excited. Fortunately, I had been to London earlier this year, so I was familiar with the Gatwick Express and navigating the Underground. It’s pretty straight-forward and public transportation there […]

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A Thumbsup for Noise Canceling Earbuds

A little less than a month ago, I wrote a post pondering the merits of noise-canceling earbuds and whether or not they were worth the hefty price tag. The verdict is in: totally worth it! I recently flew to Amsterdam and tested my new Bose QC20 earbuds. While I still was not able to sleep much on the flight, the noise cancellation was very impressive (as was the battery life). […]

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