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An eclectic mix off things that demanded my attention. Pushy little things, aren’t they?

Getting Help from Amazon by Phone

I’ve had quite a few friends and family wonder how to get an Amazon customer service rep on the phone, so instead of going through the instructions one-by-one, I thought I would publish them here and link people as needed. If this helps you as well, all the better! Cheers! STEP 1: Navigate to “Help” from the footer: STEP 2: Click on Help in Step 1 to get to this […]

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The Van

This is the post in which I pay loving tribute to my Toyota Sienna minivan, a vehicle that was the bridge between my single, career girl post-collegiate days and my present state as a working wife and mother of two. The van saw me through it all over almost 15 years and 192,000 miles of faithful service. It still ran great, but it had a few minor problems. Sure, the […]

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Making Memories at Disney: Then and Now

Cinderella's Castle

OK, I admit it. When my husband first suggested that we buy our family annual passes to Disney for Christmas, the first thing I said was something like, “Are you crazy?” I mean, I don’t know if you’ve checked the prices for Disney tickets lately but they are quite a hefty investment. So much so that a day at the park isn’t really affordable for the average family of four, […]

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yellow flower

I’m not sure what kind of flower this is but I really just liked the vibrant yellow orange color and the little hint of green from the leaves.

Maybe the colors spoke to me because there was the tiniest hint of fall in the air with just a wisp of coolness to relieve the normally high humidity that is so common in Florida.

Photo Friday: Yellow Flower on a Fall Day


I took this picture of my dog Wrigley on a walk in our neighborhood just as an experiment using aperture priority on my new-ish camera.

There is something about the colors in this photograph that appeal to me: the pink tip of her tongue, the green of my neighbor’s lawn, the gray asphalt, and Wrigley’s brown and white patches. I also love to imagine what she was thinking.

Photo Friday: Dog’s POV

Voice Recognition Funnies

I have a private blog that I use to catalog the books I’ve read and my unfiltered thoughts about them, collect favorite passages from my reading, and gather interesting new words I come across. I was experimenting with the WordPress.com mobile app and my tablet’s built-in voice recognition software last night to dictate a book review. Now, the voice recog is usually amazingly accurate, but after I spoke into it […]

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I caught a glimpse of the bright pink sky out of my bedroom window so of course I grabbed my camera and headed outside to shoot a few pics. This is one of my favorites. I love how saturated the pinks are and the how they melt into violet and then blue. I also really like how the fringed edges of the dark palm fronds contrast with the vivid sky.

Photo Friday: Sunset Palms