Getting Help from Amazon by Phone

I've had quite a few friends and family wonder how to get an Amazon customer service rep on the phone, so instead of going through the instructions one-by-one, I thought I would publish them here and link people as needed. If this helps you as well, all the better! Cheers! STEP 1: Navigate to "Help" … Continue reading Getting Help from Amazon by Phone

You Know You’ve Gotten Used to Working from Home When…

I spent almost the entire day today working in my pajamas. My son came home from school and found me tapping away at the keyboard in my PJs and looked at me funny, so I had to explain. You see, for the past week or so, I've had video meetings with co-workers Which means … Continue reading You Know You’ve Gotten Used to Working from Home When…

Photo Friday: Yellow Flower on a Fall Day

I'm not sure what kind of flower this is but I really just liked the vibrant yellow orange color and the little hint of green from the leaves. Maybe the colors spoke to me because there was the tiniest hint of fall in the air with just a wisp of coolness to relieve the normally … Continue reading Photo Friday: Yellow Flower on a Fall Day

Photo Friday: Dog’s POV

I took this picture of my dog Wrigley on a walk in our neighborhood just as an experiment using aperture priority on my new-ish camera. There is something about the colors in this photograph that appeal to me: the pink tip of her tongue, the green of my neighbor's lawn, the gray asphalt, and Wrigley's … Continue reading Photo Friday: Dog’s POV

Voice Recognition Funnies

I have a private blog that I use to catalog the books I've read and my unfiltered thoughts about them, collect favorite passages from my reading, and gather interesting new words I come across. I was experimenting with the mobile app and my tablet's built-in voice recognition software last night to dictate a book … Continue reading Voice Recognition Funnies

Photo Friday: Sunset Palms

I caught a glimpse of the bright pink sky out of my bedroom window so of course I grabbed my camera and headed outside to shoot a few pics. This is one of my favorites. I love how saturated the pinks are and the how they melt into violet and then blue. I also really … Continue reading Photo Friday: Sunset Palms