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Get your .blog domain!

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are lots of exciting announcements today! Here’s another one… If you’ve been looking for the perfect address for your blog, it’s about to get even easier. Millions of new .blog domain names (like yourname.blog) will be available this November — and starting today, you can apply to secure your own domain name. Interested? All of the deets are in the post below […]

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Noise Canceling Earbuds: Miracle or Waste of Money?

bose qc20

This is a question I’ve asked myself for a while, but I’ll soon find out. Hoping the answer will be “miracle”. 🙂 After hearing many of my co-workers extol the benefits of noise cancelation to make air travel less sucky, I looked at quite a few reviews and such for noise-canceling earbuds and headphones. The consensus was “you get what you pay for” and that the inexpensive options weren’t worth […]

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