Hotel TV remotes in the time of COVID

My husband and I recently moved our kids back to college (which is a whole other post) and stayed overnight at a hotel, where I spotted this sign of the times.

2020-08-16 09.34.55.jpg

Yes, it’s the TV remote in the hotel room encased in a ziploc bag, presumably for sanitary reasons. My immediate reaction: genius idea! Followed by: why have we not been doing this all along?

Back in the BC era (Before COVID) when I used to travel solo quite a lot, I almost never turned on the TV in my hotel room so I considered that an easy way to avoid the one of the germiest surfaces in a typical hotel room. For people like my husband, who can’t not have the TV on, this seems like a no-brainer way to disinfect that little handheld petri dish. I’m not an all-out germaphobe, but I definitely have germaphobic tendencies so I’m all for improvements to hotel room cleanliness.

Where I live, there’s not a ton of positive news regarding COVID, so I’ll take this one tiny little win. 🙂

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