Frogs are not my friends

All frogs are Evil Kermit

My family is well-acquainted with my ranidaphobia (an extreme aversion to frogs and toads), which none of them have. Consequently, my reactions to these nasty little beasts often amuses them.

With the world so full of depressing and terrible news lately, I confess that I find some recent amphibian activity at my house amusing (but they are still disgusting creatures). To start with, back in 2018, I converted the front room of my house to a relaxing reading/sitting room of sorts, which we sarcastically dubbed my She Shed and the name stuck. Given that this is supposed to be my space to chill, it’s ironic that sucker frogs have decided to hang out on the large window in the room, mostly in the evenings when I’m sitting in the room to relax.

We have one of those half-circle windows above the normal window and this is where they congregate because of course there are no blinds or coverings to obscure their nasty little selves stuck to my window. It’s particularly disconcerting to sit in beautiful quiet and hear a thunk as one of them lands on the window or moves around on it. Often, there are a couple of them stuck on my window and it gives me the creeped out shivers to hear them land and see them pressed up against the glass. Ewwwwww……

They recently leveled up their trolling game during the day by activating the doorbell camera. Our phones keep going off with alerts and we open the door, expecting maybe a package delivery or something only to find nothing. We finally looked at the video and my husband said “looks like a leaf blew in over the camera.”

I looked at it and said “that’s no leaf…you can see it breathing” (cue shudders of revulsion), quickly following by full-on UGH when the “leaf” jumped away revealing a definite frog leg and weird knobby frog toes. I am completely repulsed by even describing this, which makes me visualize the frog (noooooooo!) but I have to at least give these frog bandits credit. I recognize a well-played game from any worthy adversary.

Terrorist frog trolls are certainly not the worst of what 2020 had brought so far but this feels personal. 🙂

PS – I refuse to post a picture of actual frogs here, so instead, enjoy this cute photo of my adorable doggy looking out the same window (sans frogs). 😁 🐶


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