Easter Sunday, COVID-style

Photo Credit: babasteve Flickr via Compfight cc

Today is Easter Sunday, but it sure doesn’t feel like it, which makes it hit home once again how surreal life is during Coronatime. I started off Lent as I normally do – giving up something that is not easy for me to give up – but not too long into Lent, that didn’t seem to matter much any more as larger issues and concerns filled the days. As the viral tweet goes, I had not planned on giving up quite this much for Lent this year. đŸ˜…

I bought a new Easter dress back in February with of course no idea at the time that I would be “attending” a live stream service in my home wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Normally, we put on our Easter duds, head to church, and then go to my mother-in-laws for Easter lunch and family time. Since our kids are mostly grown, we do a simple Easter basket with a few treats and goodies.

Fast forward to today, Easter Sunday. This year, the kids slept in (one is still sleeping as I write this at 1pm). My husband is laid up in bed since he threw his back out yesterday. I watched service on my own from my laptop. I found I really missed the sense of joy I normally feel on Easter Sunday being around a group of other worshippers. It’s just not the same this way.

Instead of heading to my mother-in-laws, we’re staying home. I miss our annual tradition and being around our extended family. This marks the first year in over two decades that we have not spent Easter with my in-laws. We’re planning a nice dinner and dessert for the four of us as a treat for the day.

Instead of the normal Easter baskets we get for our kids, we ordered a bag of Easter grass and some regular chocolates via Instacart last week. Too bad it wasn’t possible to order chocolate bunnies or candies wrapped in Easter-themed foil. No Reese’s eggs, no springtime Kit Kat bars. No peeps because no one here likes those anyway so there’s at least one thing I don’t miss, haha. Normally I acquire some inexpensive trinkets and token gifts for the kids over the weeks before Easter but since I haven’t left the house in the last month, that was out. Luckily I had a few things for my daughter that I was going to give her later this year. She was happy at just the thoughtfulness of the gesture. We ordered a rice cooker for our son a week or so ago since he makes rice several times a week and were just planning to give it to him. Instead, it’s now his Easter gift. He’ll be pleased too, once he wakes up.

I miss our Easter traditions and all of the things that mark it as a special day. The ordinary-ness of self-isolation has made Easter blend in a bit with all of the other days around it. I hope Easter 2021 is back to normal.

But despite all of that, I’m doing my best to take comfort in the message of the day. He is risen! He is risen indeed.

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