Folks, I work for a pretty great company. Every 5 years, all employees get a 2-3 month paid sabbatical, which is almost unheard of outside of academia, at least in the US. The idea is to give employees a chance to disconnect, take a break from routine, and recharge.

Time has flown and I’m eligible for mine this year. Hard to believe. Anyway, it was a little surreal to me when I officially put my dates in this week but it’s all set.

I will be “sabbatical-ing” from late October to late January.

I didn’t get 3 months paid time off even for maternity leave back in the day – in fact, this will be the longest time off I’ve had ever in my entire career, so it’s going to be an experience for sure. And as a plus, I didn’t have to birth a new human to get the time off. 😬

I already have some ideas for things I want to do and ways to fill my time plus we have a trip planned to Costa Rica in December, but I’m still a little nervous about having so much time off.

When I go back to work, will I have forgotten everything? How will I deal with FOMO once I disconnect from all of my work accounts, including email and Slack? I genuinely like my teammates and co-workers and it will be weird not to talk to them every day but I’m sure I’ll get used to it at some point.

Still, I’m looking forward to it as a general experience as well as some of the specific plans I have in place.



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