My new favorite browser extension (perfect for readers)

I can’t remember now where I came across a mention of this super-handy browser extension but I suspect it was one of my co-workers. I wish I could give you credit here, Unknown Helpful Person, but alas, my memory has failed me.

Edit: Unknown Helpful Person has been identified, yay! And as I suspected, it’s one of my fabulous co-workers. Here’s her post where I came across this extension several months ago.

LibraryExtension is a little piece of magic that tells you if your local library has a book (physical or e-book) and whether or not it’s available. You can click a button to check it out or place a hold.

But wait – here’s the best part: it displays this info on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads (full list is in their FAQ here). So with this extension, if you’re shopping online or marking books to add to your wish list/to-read list, you can instantly see if you can get them at your local library. I know – magic, right?

Currently, the extension is only available in Chrome but it’s coming soon for Firefox (and when it does, I’ll be installing it asap). Here’s what it looks like “in action” on Amazon:

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 09.45.30

Hope you enjoy! If you like it as much as I do, please consider making a small donation to help fund maintenance and new feature development (just to be clear, I am not in any way affiliated with these folks or this extension – I just ❤️ it and like to support things I like).

Stay thirsty (for books), my friends!

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