A room (in Bayeux, France) with a view

After pretty close to 24 hours of travel, we finally made it to our Airbnb in Bayeux in Normandy, France. We are pretty exhausted but not too tired to oooh and aahhh at the view from our front window.

Allow me to present to you the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Bayeux, consecrated in 1077 with William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders in attendance. I do love me some old cathedrals – the more Gothic, the better. This one will do quite nicely. Can’t wait to have a look inside. Hearing the church bells is also really nice.

2017-06-09 15.00.52.jpg

We had a slightly rough start to our trip when our originating flight had a problem with the air conditioning that the pilot described as “not serious” but then said “we can’t fly with it like this”. To me, that sounds kinda serious. The pilots tried to reset it with no luck so back to the gate we went. Where we sat for 2 hours. Given that we had a 2 hour, 20 minute layover, that didn’t give us much time to make our connection.

By the time we got off the plane, we had 15 minutes. Let me tell ya, running from the B concourse to the very end of the A concourse in Philly with backpacks and rolling bags is not easy but we made it. Thank goodness because otherwise, we would have spent the night in Philly. Chalk up another point for traveling all carry-on because there was no way a checked bag would have made that flight and I have no idea how they would get it to us here in Bayeux, which is 2+ hours away from Charles De Gaulle airport.

I’ll try to post more pictures soon once we are refreshed and have a chance to explore the area.

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