Amsterdam Photos

Here are a few photos from my trip to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy!

Nothing says “we’re really excited to see you” like a giant inflatable tulip…or something…just outside the airport.

Schiphol Airport inflatable tulip

I stayed at the Hampshire Hotel – The Manor Amsterdam when I was in the city last year. It’s a lovely hotel with a great staff and comfortable rooms. But somehow I blocked out the rather bold decor from my mind. It all came back to me once I left the very neutral lobby. I mean, how could I possibly forget this? The “X marks the spot” theme is based on the city’s coat of arms. I figured XXX is pretty apropos for Amsterdam.

Hampshire Hotel - The Manor Amsterdam red xxx interior hall

City Scenes


Fantastic Dutch apple pie at Cafe Winkel and Dutch pancakes at the smallest restaurant in Amsterdam, Upstairs Pannenkoeken (capacity, 4 tables), complete with typical Dutch staircase that is so steep and narrow that it’s more like a ladder.


My group did the Sherlocked Escape Room. Escape rooms aren’t really my thing but I have to say that this one was very well done and a lot of fun. Highly recommend! We successfully escaped the room, which makes me now a member of the Crossed Key Society (see my shiny membership pin!).

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