Hej from Copenhagen!

I’m in Copenhagen for a conference but managed to find a little free time this afternoon to see a bit of the city. Really lovely city – very clean, well-maintained, pedestrian-friendly, etc and yes, very cold (at least for this Floridian) with temperatures hovering between low 40s and near-freezing in mid-March.

I have to say that the currency conversion between US dollars and Danish kroner is a little bit of a mind-bender since it’s currently around 7 kroner to 1 dollar (fun fact, krone is singular and kroner is plural). It’s a little bit of a mind-bender to pay 650kr for dinner for two or 120kr for a cocktail.

Pics below are mostly from the Kastellet area (The Citadel) and Amalienborg (the Royal palace and residence). And by the way, the Little Mermaid sculpture lives up to its name and is indeed very little. We also strolled around picturesque Nyhavn but unfortunately it was too dark to get a good pic. Maybe I’ll get another chance to visit in the daytime. Also on my list to do here is to get an authentic, fresh Danish Danish.

PS- Have I mentioned how much I love my job that gives me the opportunity to visit places like this? 🙂

PPS- I’m behind on posting travel pics – will post some pics from my trip a couple of weeks ago from Bordeaux soon.

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