Dear American Airlines, what’s up giving people free Gold status?

My husband, who rarely flies, received this offer for free Gold status from the nice folks at American Airlines. And I have to say, it leaves me rather cold and  angry since I had to earn my status the hard way – by putting my butt in their uncomfortable chairs for at least 25,000 miles flown.

In addition, my husband gets 10 500-mile upgrades. And how do I get those? I have to earn them in increments of 4 and I have to fly 12,500 miles to earn each group of 4. So in order for me to get 10, I would have to fly 37,000 miles.

Now granted, he only gets this status until May* but during that time frame, I will have flown around 45,000-50,000 miles on American Airlines. And guess what? I will get the exact same status perks as someone who rarely flies with them. So much for access to preferred seating and priority boarding. If they are extending a free status offer to anyone, the line will be just as long as those without any status.

*If he flies 7,000 miles between now and May, he can keep the status until Jan 2018. Me? I had to fly 25k miles to get the same status.

American Airlines, remind me again of how you appreciate my business and want to reward me for loyalty?


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