Too many browser tabs hanging around? Snooze ’em!

If you’re like me and often have a gazillion browser tabs open as “reminders” of things you need to do or read, this nifty browser extension might be for you.

Tab Snooze does just what the name implies – it lets you snooze a particular tab and wake it up at a certain time, or on demand when you’re ready for it. As the folks at Tab Snooze say:

Tabs are like ToDos in the browser.

Stop staring at tabs you can’t deal with now.
Tab Snooze lets you put off tabs until later and returns them to your browser automatically, so you can focus on what’s important now.

Once you install it, you’ll see a little moon icon in your toolbar. Click that icon while on a tab you want to snooze and you’ll see these choices:

Choose your snooze

I just installed this after coming across it in a work discussion (wish I could remember who recommended it) and I think it will be very handy. 🙂


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