NaNoWriMo 2014 (Or: What am I, crazy?)


I must be crazy, but I’m doing this. What is NaNoWriMo, you may be asking? It’s a commitment—perhaps even a dare—to write at least a novel of at least 50,000 words in 30 days. Find out more here and sign up if you’re game to join me in my craziness.

Although I’ve thought of doing NaNo in the past, I chickened out each time—always with good excuses, mind you. This year, I have the same excuses plus a new one (I’ve been battling some sort of sinus-related plague for weeks now), but I decided to give it a go anyway.

So far, I’ve clocked just over 6,000 words since NaNo kicked off yesterday, which I was feeling pretty good about, but the tiniest bit of “what have I done?” has crept in after I looked at my calendar.

November is a busy month for folks in general, with the holiday season kicking off. But we also have a weekend trip planned before Thanksgiving, then of course is Thanksgiving, and then I’ll be packing and prepping for a two-week trip starting December 1. Somewhere in November, in the midst of this whole thing, I’ll have to get most (all?) of my Christmas shopping done too. Add to all of that the normal things—work, kids’ activities, etc.—and this is shaping up to be a very hectic month.

Cross your fingers for me!

If you’re a writer, are you doing NaNo this year? Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2014 (Or: What am I, crazy?)

    1. Aw, thanks Andrea! I really wanted to do the Photo 101 challenge, but there are only so many challenges I can handle at once. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your pics! Good luck!


  1. Hi Wendy! You rock at NaNo! 🙂
    I started my book. I’ve been procrastinating on it for the last 2 years, and thankfully the ideas haven’t left me. In fact I have a hard time sleeping as they bang around up there. So I figured I’d finally try and translate from brain to paper. 🙂


    1. Congrats on getting started and best of luck to you with NaNo! As they say in NaNo-Land, “May your verbs be strong and your adverbs few.” Stop back by sometime and let me know how it’s going. 😀


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