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Putting Some Steps Back in My Zip


Not pictured – me smiling back at my new Zip.

My third and newest Fitbit Zip has arrived!

I bought my first Zip about a year ago and shortly thereafter lost it in the airport on my way to San Francisco. Sadness. Fitbit was kind enough to replace it with a new Zip, which just recently died on me. Sadness again. Over the past year, I’ve gotten very accustomed to checking my Zip throughout the day and have become a bit self-competitive with my step goals. I’m not as addicted as David Sedaris, but I do still like to hit my daily goal.

When my Zip died a few days ago, it almost felt like there was no point in walking – all of those steps, never to be counted! Of course, I know that’s silly, but there’s something about data that makes an intangible goal, such as fitness, tangible. Can’t help but feel some satisfaction looking at all of the green spikes of activity on this day with 30K+ steps

fitbit graph

Such a pretty graph, isn’t it?

Here’s hoping I hit my 20,000 steps tomorrow when I’m back at my treaddesk.

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  1. Did you increase your daily goal to be 20k?


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