Voice Recognition Funnies

I have a private blog that I use to catalog the books I’ve read and my unfiltered thoughts about them, collect favorite passages from my reading, and gather interesting new words I come across. I was experimenting with the WordPress.com mobile app and my tablet’s built-in voice recognition software last night to dictate a book review.

Now, the voice recog is usually amazingly accurate, but after I spoke into it last night, here’s what it typed:

Everything is just really quick dental papa doe’s lineup well the motivation for the characters your shake it fast and a hole in tire love story is just built on shifting stand.

I’m not sure what exactly I actually said, but that sentence made me laugh, so I think I’ll keep it.


2 thoughts on “Voice Recognition Funnies

    1. Yeah, I was just glad that it’s a private my-eyes-only blog so I published fearlessly. But it’s a good thing to keep in mind for public posts for sure. Nice to know I’m not the only one who found it funny. 😀


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