Agrigento and Cefalù, Sicily: Getting There

On Day 4 of our stay, my group was supposed to take a boat ride around the Sicilian coast, but the weather changed our plans to a chartered bus ride to Agrigento and Cefalù.

No worries – even with the change in plans, it turned out to be an amazing day. Even the bus ride was great.

All of us were snapping pictures left and right out the bus windows at the beautiful scenery as it flew by us. Pastoral farms, windmills (really, turbines), craggy mountains descending into gently rolling hills – it was all so beautiful and so different from the noisy bustling city of Palermo.

Here are a few shots I took on the bus ride – I think you’ll see what I mean about this being a peaceful and lovely view. Even the gas station we stopped at was great – it had a really nice pastisseria/cafè and even a statue (of presumably Mary?) in the parking lot. Yeah, they don’t really have that in America.


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