A Dash of Inspiration – and 3 e-books – from WordPress.com

I follow Hot Off the Press, WordPress.com’s blog, and today, a post popped up that I thought I would pass along.

Need a little WordPress logohelp with establishing a writing routine, or just need some topics to write about?

Perhaps you’re interested in photo-blogging?

Maybe you’d like more people to find your blog and read it (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

The editorial team at WordPress.com has you covered with 3 new e-books: 

  • 365 Writing Prompts
  • Photography 101
  • Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog

The best part is that they are all available at the low, low price of FREE! You don’t have to be a WordPress.com user either (but why wouldn’t you be?).

All 3 e-books are available to download in pdf, .epub (iBooks), or .mobi (Kindle) formats, so choose your own adventure. I’ll be checking out all 3 of these over the next few days and plan to start my morning journaling tomorrow with the writing prompt for February 20.

I hope you find a spark of inspiration or at least some useful information too!

Write on!

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