Redacted Effect for Page or Post Text

Today, a user contacted us with a question and I thought I would pass this along since the solution turned out to be pretty simple.

How can I make it look like a few words in my post have been redacted*?

Now, this isn’t a question that comes up often (i.e., never), but those are just the things that are sometimes hardest to answer.

While there are ways to achieve this using CSS and other tricks, the simplest solution is to use the FULL BLOCK unicode character (U+2588), which is equivalent to  “█ ;” (just leave off the quotes). Add that bit of HTML to your post or page in the text editor and you’ll get something like this: █

For a longer block or “redacted” text, just insert that snippet of HTML as many times as you need, like this: ████████

Happy Blogging, er, Redacting!

*Just in case that’s an unfamiliar term, here’s what has to say:

  • to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release
  • to obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release

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