Flight Crews Are People Too

So apparently when the entire British Airways flight crew cuts in front of you at security and you joke with them about it instead of getting mad, good things happen.

I had my shoes off and my stuff in the bins at LCA for the first of my three flights home when the pilot and co-pilot came through and went immediately to the front of the line. They were followed by the rest of the entire flight crew, so the line backed up quite a bit. I took the opportunity to chit chat (chin wag, as my UK friends might say) with a few of the flight attendants. I mean, why be mad? It’s not like we can leave without them.

One of the people I was talking to, José, was the greeter at the door when we boarded about an hour later. We greeted each other like old friends and for the rest of the flight, he took fantastic care of me and my travel companions. Despite the 45 minute delay on the tarmac (during which José slipped us some snacks), this was the best flight ever!

Well done, British Airways!

2014-01-30 22.25.01
My new friend José at British Airways supplied me and my travel buddies with free snacks and champagne. Lots of champagne.
2014-01-30 22.26.07
There’s no downside to being nice. 🙂

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