Notes from a New Hire

Check out this post from one of my newer co-workers, Steve, as he shares some of his thoughts on being a new Automattician, or newmattician (yes, we actually call our new folks that) as well as some great observations on San Francisco through the eyes of a Scot and on our company’s HQ. He’s right that it’s really hard to capture the scale of the place in photos, although I think he does a great job.

Speaking of photos, he take some pretty snappy shots. You really should check them out. Like a handful of other bearded Automatticians, he also has a pretty epic beard, but that’s a topic for a different post.

I particularly liked this part of Steve’s post, mostly because this is exactly how I felt as a newmattician (and still feel now almost 6 months on the job):

It still seems to be a big mindset shift to realise that “at Automattic, you can pretty much do whatever you want. As someone else pointed out, people seem to go through waves of “this can’t be real” to “OMG this is awesome!”, which is a pretty accurate description. Total autonomy is one of the major parts of the philosophy of Automattic, but it’s difficult to shake the idea that at somepoint somebody might come along and tell you that it’s all been a big mistake, and to get back to ‘real’ work.

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