The Future of (My) Work

The Automattic office at night (San Francisco, CA)

Back in August, I won the job lottery job powerball and landed a position at an amazing company, Automattic. It’s been just over a month since I started my new gig and I am still feeling incredibly blessed to join the ranks of a group of super-smart, passionate people who are defining the future of work in general and the future of my work in particular.

If you haven’t heard of Automattic, perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing we work on called The fine folks at Automattic are also behind such great things as Jetpack, Akismet, Polldaddy, Gravatar, Simplenote, and an array of other web-based goodies.

Aside from being a user and a huge fan of WordPress for years, one of the things that drew me to apply for a job here is the unique company culture, which includes hard work, humor, passion, and autonomy. There is very little focus on hierarchy and rank, making this a fairly flat and very democratic culture where good ideas win no matter who the source is.

Oh, and just to make sure this doesn’t slip by, we are a 100% distributed company, which means that you’ll find Automatticians working from just about anywhere all over the world. How cool is that?

If it sounds cool to you too, we’re hiring. Maybe you can be our newest Automattician and help us define the future of work too!

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