Scientists Can Now “See” What We Dream (and Make Souvenir Videos Too)

WARNING: If you already feel like Rockwell, what with Facebook, Google Glass, and everything else watching you, this post might not make you feel any better.

According to a study just published in Science, scientists have now discovered how to invade the privacy of your dreamworld. Yep, turns out not even your subconsciousness is safe anymore.

Using a combination of an MRI machine, a computer program, and web images (note to self: delete Flickr stream), scientists from Kyoto, Japan have MacGuyver’ed a way to identify what you see when you dream. Their invention – get this! – even generated a video of what it saw. In someone’s head. While they were blissfully asleep. Dreaming a little dream. Whoa there!

Although it’s only 60 percent accurate, scientists involved are still high-fiving themselves at being the first to ever extract data from a dream. No word yet on how the MRI machine and computer program feel about being left out of the festivities.

Parents are already overwhelmed by the pressure of capturing their children’s every waking moment and the resulting avalanche of megapixeled memories and digital video. I imagine they are shaking their fists in the general direction of Kyoto, wondering when they will sleep now that they will soon be compelled to capture little Johnny’s and little Susie’s every sleeping moment too.

I invite you to geek out and read the full article but please note – you’ll have to subscribe or pay for access to more than an abstract.

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