Word Aversions – Or Words We Just Hate

baked chicken
That there’s some moist chicken.

So, last night, my husband complimented the chicken I made for dinner and remarked that it was nice and moist. Moist. Ugh. That got us started on a conversation about words that sound like just what they mean and also words that I just. don’t. like.

Call it serendipity (or don’t, no one’s forcing you), but today I came across an article on word aversions featuring the word moist. Turns out, I’m not alone in finding that word icky – not because of what it means but because of how it sounds and how it feels coming out of my mouth. Try saying it. Moist. See what I mean? Here in Florida, we have another word for moist. Humidity.

Other words that make the most-hated list (according to the article) are slacks, pus, squab, cornucopia, panties, navel, brainchild, crud, crevice, fudge, and ointment. I’m not a big fan of the words slacks and panties, but ointment joins my list of hated words as does nougat. Who wants to eat something with nougat in it? Yes, I’m talking to you Three Musketeers candy bar.

So, what words make your Hated Words list? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Photo Credit: sameold2010 via Compfight cc

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